About Us

Worxsimple, LLC was formed in 2007 by David Baker as an Engineering Services provider. The original mission provided Lean Management and Training Consultation. Within 2 years, Worxsimple contracted to do validation services for machine runoff and installation. As validation activities became more complex, small fixtures and assemblies were needed to execute the project plan. David designed the fixtures and sourced them locally from past work associates. In 2010, the first complex leak test system was requested and commissioned. First-of-a-kind equipment solutions became the building block for a much larger and successful business.

Worxsimple has grown from a Sandy, Utah, basement with 1 employee (David) to a 10,000 square foot facility with 15 very talented engineers, artisans, technicians and administrative staff. Worxsimple supplies customers around the world with products ranging from simple fixtures to 3D printed components to very complex automated systems.  We have built fixtures, test systems, automated assembly equipment, work cells, tanks, dinosaurs and even conducted a successful Kickstarter.

Worxsimple is your one stop source for building anything you can imagine.

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Our Mission and Values

Simple Solutions For Complex Problems

A team of engineers, scientist, artists, and managers with more than 100 years of design, research, and management experience.

Our Mission

To create tangible assets and products that delight and thrill our customers.

Our Values and Goals
  • Our products should be safe, simple to use and pleasing to view.
  • Our engineered solutions should work reliably and ensure high quality.
  • Our internal and external communication should be effective, timely and relevant.
  • Our business processes should be simple to administer and efficient.
  • Our efforts should achieve mutual prosperity for our customers, Worxsimple and our employees.
  • Our environment should be easy to understand and enjoyable for Worxsimple employees.