Rapid Prototyping

Worxsimple’s professional 3D modeling team and prototyping technologies can convert your ideas into reality. We use the most current 3D printing technology to create test parts and samples.  Worxsimple also provides US Based contract manufacturing in our Sandy, Utah facility. We will collaborate with your engineering team to develop a process to suit your needs.

Prototyping Services

Worxsimple quickly produces prototypes and test samples using advanced 3D printers, resin casting techniques and traditional machining technologies. We will quickly iterate through design cycles while reducing costs. We evaluate the prototype for performance and print/build characteristics. We have several different 3D printing technologies including FDM and Polyjet printing. With a 3D print, we can accurately resin cast multiples of your part. We also integrate traditional machining technologies to further our capabilities.

3D Modeling and Design Services

Worxsimple’s 3D modeling team and prototyping technologies can convert your ideas into reality. From models for the silver screen to first-of-a-kind production machines our experienced group of engineers, artisans, and technicians can help you develop your ideas.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Worxsimple provides US Based contract manufacturing resources in our Sandy, Utah facility. We will work with your team to develop processes to suit your needs. From supplying 3D printed parts to complex assemblies integrating mechanical and electrical components we provide a wide range of manufacturing options