Contract Manufacturing Services

Worxsimple provides US Based contract manufacturing resources in our Sandy, Utah facility.  We will work with your team to develop processes to suit your needs. From supplying 3D printed parts to complex assemblies integrating mechanical and electrical components we provide a wide range of manufacturing options.

3D Printed Components

We can print your parts in a variety of materials and colors depending on your needs.  Printed Components are an excellent option to injection molding when lower unit volumes are still required.  More…

Mechanical and Electrical Assemblies

We can build your assemblies using your components or sourcing our own.

Machined Components

Our machine shop mills and turns one-off components or small batches of parts from soft materials such as aluminum and Delrin. Our sub-contractors provide high-end machining services including 3-5 axis CNC, EDM wire, EDM plunge, and other manufacturing processes.

Electrical Panel Assembly

We build electrical panel and enclosures to your specifications, including verification and validation of operation.

Wire Harness and Simple Circuit Board Assembly

We produce and test wiring harnesses and simple board assemblies economically for specialized applications.

Resin and Spin Casting

We resin cast urethane or silicone components in house. We can also spin-cast from soft metals through our local contractor.

Limited Market Releases (LMR)

We are the perfect source for your LMR activities.  Our staff can build small production runs and hone your process prior to launch.  Our team can also optimize and remove cost from your processes prior to high volume production.

Kickstarter and Limited Market Releases

We help you build limited releases, short runs for product testing, photo samples and depending on the nature of your products, complete all your order fulfillment and distribution.  Visit our recent Kickstarter for Trenchworx, LLC.