The Worxsimple consulting team provides complete solutions for your products and ideas from development through manufacturing.

Engineering and Management

Worxsimple’s management team handles hundreds of projects each year. Orders range from $50 to $250,000, we specialize in developing working relationships and collaborating with your teams to maximize your needs. We collaboratively fill the needs in your company to help you develop your products.

Product Development

Worxsimple’s creative engineering team develops products for a variety of markets segments including medical, industrial, consumer, hobbyist, entertainment, automation, gaming, and sports, to name a few. From initial concept to finished product we provide an integrated end-to-end solution.

Process and Equipment Validation Services

Worxsimple can help validate your processes and equipment. We analyze your application for gaps in documentation, potent sources of error, missing components and inadequate specification. We can generate system reports, missing documentation, and procedural changes for complete validation.