Engineering and Management

Worxsimple’s management team handles hundreds of projects each year. Orders range from $50 to $250,000, we specialize in developing working relationships and collaborating with your teams to maximize your needs. We collaboratively fill the needs in your company to help you develop your products.

Engineering and Management Services

Worxsimple can provide Engineering and Management Consultation to help you quickly and effectively achieve your projects targets.

  • Experienced manufacturing & project manager
  • Managed multi-million dollar projects
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • International experience

Equipment and Process Validation Services

Our team has significant experience with equipment and process validation.

Local Manufacturing Engineering Support

Worxsimple can operate as an extension of your manufacturing and engineering department within the Salt Lake Valley.

  • Ancillary support
  • Complete engineering team

Drafting Services

Worxsimple drafting services can create 3D models and 2D drawings from existing parts and machines or from old drawings and documentation to Solidworks models.

  • Converted drawings from as early as the 1870s to solid models
  • Reproduce machines drawings & models to replace lost vendor records that are no longer available
  • Model converions
  • Updating models

3D Modeling and Graphics Services

Our staff consists of engineers, artisans ,and technicians working together to create unique and effective solutions.

Kickstarter Administration

Worxsimple has experience running and administering Kickstarters.


Worxsimple collaboratively designs, build, and steer US-based manufacturing processes.


Worxsimple has expertise working with Maquiladoras on the US/Mexico border.

  • We can visit your facility
  • Provide engineering support
  • Proof of principle engineering