Equipment Design and Build Services

Worxsimple collectively has over 100 years of experience designing and building First-Of-A-Kind equipment for medical device, automotive, non-woven fabrics, semi-conductor, information technology, and sports and gaming industries. We believe in designing simple and elegant solutions. We employ technologies from simple mechanical mechanisms to full numerical controls to simplify the machines we design.

Examples of Equipment

  • Table Top Static Fixturing (Inspection and Assembly)
  • Complex Table (Inspection and Assembly)
Cutting and Forming Equipment
  • Lumen Cutting and Forming (Multi-Lumen Expansion)
  • Tube Cutting (Soft Part, Thick or Thin Wall)
  • Balloon Cutting (Very Thin Wall and Highly Accurate)
Inspection Equipment
  • Pressure Decay and Flow Test Equipment
    • Tube and Lumen Assemblies
    • Molded Polycarbonate Assemblies (Hard Parts)
    • Over-molded Tubes (LIM) (Soft Parts)
    • Carburetors and Radiators (High Volume and Long Stabilization)
  • Vision Inspection Equipment
    • Tube and Shaft Inspection (Dark Parts)
    • Slit Position Inspection (Clear Parts, Profile Lighting)
    • Formed Angle Inspection (Clear or Dark Parts)
    • Balloon Shape and Features (Clear Parts)
    • Presence Inspection
    • Loading and Presentation Fixtures
Dial Machines for Assembly and Product Inspection
  • Multiple Stations as high as 20 with 32 nests
  • Cycle times ranging from 5 seconds or more
Laser Etching and Engraving Marking